Straight Egyptian Stallion  1986-2011

Bakit TF Pedigree
Tail Male: Jamil El Kebir (APK)
Tail Female: El Dahma (APS)
Ancestral Elements
             Egypt I,  78.6%
             Inshass,  12.5%
               Blunt,   8.9%

Info per the Al Khamsa Org

Bakit TF
BAKIT TF is a uniquely bred individual representing some of the most sought after and  rare lines in Straight Egyptian breeding featuring close up lines to SAMEH, *TUHOTMOS and ANTER, all noted for the athleticism of their get and grandget. He also offers a great outcross for the heavily Nazeer  and Minstril influenced breeding programs so common in the modern bloodlines.

Sired by the beautiful *Waheeb , (a son of Aseel who also sired *El Mareekh ,) Bakit is also said to be one of  his most 'look-alike' get.   An elegant stallion true to his pedigree, *Waheeb is since deceased. Those who know of him, however, value every drop of that royal blood! 

Bakit TF was *Waheeb's first born son in the USA. He represents the scarce remaining Straight Egyptian blood of the direct Aseel sire line, Bakit TF is one of the few who are still available at stud, especially with such up close lines.   He acquired all the inherent gene power of the Sameh line, spiced up with type from his venerable dam line...

Bakit's foals are predictably consistent! They all have his wonderful disposition, of course, but most look like him too. He produces athletic, performance-oriented and powerful rear ends,  very correct legs, with dense bone, a well laid back shoulder, long, graceful necks, big dark eyes and the classic floating movement of the true desert Arabian.

Bakit's dam is the lovely *Tuhotmos daughter, Amira Moniet, who is out of *Ein,  of the famous Anter x Abla cross.  Amira Moniet was also the dam of the highly regarded Sheikh Obeyd sire, El Mon Moniet, an inbred son of *Tuhotmos

Bakit TF is Straight Egyptian, Blue List (sublist Basilisk), Al Khamsa, and Asil. He is Dahman Shahwan in strain.

Our Beloved Bakit was sadly killed during the tornadic storms in the spring of 2011. He is greatly missed and we treasure the few SE foals we were able to get. They will seed the next generation. We have a few of his foals available for sale to select homes. We will retain breedings on any SE colt sold.

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