In Memoriam
(1991- 2012)

Shareba was found in Eternal Sleep lying peacefully by the pond.

Shareba is our Foundation mare. She is high percentage Egyptian bred with a champion studded pedigree. The proof is in her foals. She consistently throws beautiful typey heads, large dark eyes and level croups, regardless of the sire. Her foals have all been over 15hh and exhibit her sweet disposition and intelligence. She was in a bad accident in her youth and has not been ridden or shown.

AB Pedigree

Pedigree Research by Arlene Magid

 rebafacemini.JPG (48925 bytes)  Shareba 2003

Shareba coming in for dinner. 2001

Shareba, heavy in foal 2005.


Her foals

Chestnut filly 1995

  Sha Drakkar 1997chestnut gelding by Jonang Jahil.

TTT Gazala Ahmar 1999 chestnut filly by Jonang Jahil.

Jokers Wild 2000 bay colt by Noctura Cintar

Sand Dahlia 2001 Chestnut/grey filly by Flexx PR

reine_look.face.small.JPG (22186 bytes) Sha La Reine 2002 bay filly by TTT Jedi Knight

Sha El Fiero 2004 chestnut gelding by Jonang Jahil (255545 bytes)  Docs Golden Nick 2005 buckskin 1/2 Arabian colt by Docs Makin' Big Bucks (AQHA).

Sha Lady Jabella- full sibling to Nick in 2006!

AWANA Jazareina 2008 bay filly by Bakit TF

AWANA Regus 2009 bay colt by Bakit TF

AWANA ShaRee  2010 chestnut filly by Bakit TF

AWANA ShaTali  2011 Bay/grey filly by Talal Moon