Talal Moon
(Farid Nile Moon X Tasaqqara)

Straight Egyptian Stallion  2003-2013

Once in a blue moon there comes a horse of legend, a stallion whose quality is far above the norm, whose charisma is so magnetic that his essence is of greatness, a proud individual who is truly a king among his kind.


Talal Moon

Tail Male: Saklawi I (APS)
Tail Female: Rodania (BLT)

Ancestral Elements
             Egypt I,  83.9%
             Inshass,   8.7%
               Blunt,   5.9%
            Egypt II,   1.6%
Info per the Al Khamsa Org
ABP Pedigree
 At the Al Khamsa Fantasia 2012, patiently waiting his turn...
 AK Fantasia, impatiently waiting for me to get the halter off so he can play...The tail is a giveaway...! 
Photo by Valerie Clinkenbeard   
Check out the fall 2012 issue of The Khamsat for more pictures by Valerie Clinkenbeard!!
Blazing Saddles 2-23-13. His first AERC Ride!
Getting Ready 				Official Photo				Vet check
Barefoot Run at LBL 5-3-13. Our first AERC completion and Last Ride! 
 	At the Beginning			First Vet Check					Finish Line